$99 X10 Security


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I bought the $99 X10 security kit, but decided not to use it. I don't want any security system firing alarms on its own. I do want to know when a window is opened and wanted to use their wireless contact sensors though. Is there anyway to salvage those?

I figure the best I can do is use the whole X10 security package and it fires off 1 X10 code (if I remember right) and use that X10 code to tell my automation package their is a alarm condition. Is there any mods or methods to have this thing be more specific on what zone or contact is having the alarm?

Assuming I should just throw out the X10 alarm:
Without using a controller or alarm panel, is there any wireless contacts that simply generate an X10 signal or at least a non-proprietary signal that a digital I/O board can read? My whole goal is to make a complete HA/security package without ever buying and getting locked into a proprietary system.

Assuming those are DS10A's, you can use them if you have a W800RF receiver, I use mine with my Elk M1 EZ8, they work great. Once in a while, X10 will sell them really cheap, so people tend to use those for more than just windows/doors (mailbox, etc.). If you list all the hardware that's in the kit (or point us to the kit online), we can tell you what might be useful.
Vaughn, what HA solution are you using? If you are using Homeseer, (and maybe some others) you can use the W800RF32a receiver to 'see' the magnetic contact devices and motion detectors. There's a plug-in for Homeseer to enable this device. It would make the actual security console obsolete but you could manage the security devices thru HS.