A revelation concerning Elk system auto-restarts


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I've had occasional auto restarts of my elk system since I installed it in 2012. They didn't occur very often but were annoying and I've read of many users here having the same thing happening with their system.
A few months ago the restarts became more frequent, about two or three times per week, so I decided t look into it yet one more time. This time I recalled something that DelInstallations (a long-time but absent-as-of-late  user here) told me when I installed my system. He told me to avoid using a DBH or any connectors in the place of a physical splice. He felt that all connections should be twisted and crimped together. I did not take his advise and I used two DBH adapters and have several plugs and a few screw type terminals in my system.
With this in mind I went around and sprayed all connectors with electronic cleaner spray and plugged the connectors in and out a few times. All screw terminals were loosened and re-tightened. I have not had a restart in three months.