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ABC News Video Clip with INSTEON


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Cool clip!

Yes, it is an "ABC" station 'round these parts, BTW... even if it was an ABC local show. Uh... I have no television, though, so I appreciate the link!

Yeah... I snickered at the "wireless" while showing switches with wires hanging out; seems like showing the plug-in wall units would have inspired more folks than the fancy switches. ;)

I also liked the flashing indication of... something... sending a signal? Neat option, whatever it was.

Thanks for the link!


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If its on TV news its a fact....... I can automate my home for less than $500. So Do I get a refund for the rest of the money I already spent (on stuff that still doesnt work)?

BTW I bet he gets someone to come to his house and change out his switches when they die. I want the same service ;)

Putting that smoke detector there is embaressing................ who's a code inspector in that area. Go straighten that guy out. It for his own good. While your at it see if you can get a real demo and see if this stuff really works.

You think SH is mad about the wireless claim while the guy is tugging on the wires? Maybe they should have said it was immune to noise to? Also it has a one year warrunty as well. After that .............. well nothing will ever go wrong anyway so it doesnt matter.

I wish they would fix the core problems (ok bad pun) before throwing more beta products out there (I admit I want some of them if they get them to work).
Wow. I might as well join the band wagon on this one. With all the problems Insteon is having I honestly would have expected them to learn by now. Stop promoting something you DON'T HAVE. I jumped on the Insteon solution the moment it came out. The promises of Palm pads, keyfobs, blinds etc. would be here soon. Heck not only are they not here yet, what is out is plauged with problems. The clip on ABC is going to make thousands of people do what only hundreds of us have already done. Order a bunch of the "limited" products and WAIT for additional products. I see the ABC clip as a costly mistake for SH. Can you imagine how many people will by the products and expect plug and play out of the box. UPS and Fedex are going to be busy with all the returns.
BTW I have not given up on Insteon. I only knock it hoping SH will figure a way to put more into engineering and not only fix existing problems but produce more products in a TIMELY fashion.

My 2 cents ;)



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Just guessing here but MAYBE they have so much money in this they need to start selling it in large quantities or else (else what I wont say but everyone can form there own opinion).

Marketing sells products....Engineering and production have to come up with it after its sold. Then a technician will probably be the one to actually make it work.

In a perfect world Engineering would have enough time to design a perfect product, Quality Assurance would get the bugs out, Production would find a way to make thousands per hour for practically nothing per piece, and everyone would want 10 of everything and the company would thrive.

Then there is reality......... Engineering is rushed to get the product to market, production is rushed to make it fast, quality assurance is told to check it fast and release it, Purchasing buys alternate components to make the product cheaper so the company can make a profit or more of a profit. The quality of the product starts to slide and its hard to pin down what the probelm is since it may be a combination of things. But production needs to keep cranking them out and marketing needs to keep selling them.

IF THAT is what is happening here that is business nowadays.
Yeah... I guess Digger.

I guess it's small companies with limited resources. I buy and install tons of electronics and rarely have call backs (intercoms, security systems, access control, networking devices etc). X10 and Insteon call backs are killing me.
Guess it's the nature of the beast. ;)

one day at a time,