After 3+ years, my software decision is....

As a user of J9AE, I can say for certain that there is a scripting engine built in for complex situations, if memory serves me right it is loosly based on java, but is it's own j9script language.

Aaron, are you planning on creating extra threads for other software titles CQC, Home seer, House bot, etc...? why not discuss it here as it is pertinent to the OP's topic of software of choice, or post it in the J9AE threads over it the software tracker forum.
Yes, it is almost identical to JScript. The way they hook of up objects and events is pretty slick as well....

Not sure about this so.....does J9 have VBS support or some other scripting language that can be used to handle complex situations?
Not sure about this so.....does J9 have VBS support or some other scripting language that can be used to handle complex situations?

First, thank you all for the kind comments. I've enjoyed working with many of you on J9AE and you have provided great feedback.

Regarding handling complex situations, as some have correctly pointed out, the J9Script scripting language can be used to handle your complex automation needs. If you find something that it doesn't support please let us know and we will do out best to implement it.

In the broader scope, there are a variety of options when it comes to controlling your system.

  1. The Action List editor is an easy to use point and click English grammar editor used for assigning a list of actions to a rule or touch screen control event. It supports conditions as well. For an example, please see the screenshot below.
  2. The J9Script scripting language is a powerful scripting language based mostly on the syntax of JavaScript (and subsequently C#/JScript) due to it's widespread use. There are some slight differences. For example to make it easier for beginners, J9Script is case-insensitive. Scripting is optional but is available as an advanced feature of the action list editor.
  3. Custom device drivers can be added to the system using any Microsoft .NET language.
  4. An HTTP API (RESTful Web Service) is built into the system which allows retrieval of system information and control of the system via simple web URLs.
  5. A TCP Communication Protocol provides another way for 3rd party developers to interface with the system and includes device property change notifications. This is a richer alternative to the simple RESTful Web Service using a persistent TCP connection.
  6. And of course Touch Screens can be used.
  7. And of course there is a built in web server, and it supports IIS.


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