HAI RC-80 after storm


Last night we had the loudest, brightest, wettest and perhaps longest, thunderstorm I have witnessed while living here, in South Florida, for 30 years. Perhaps, I think it is all that, because a lightening bolt hit so close I thought it came through the vaulted living room roof, as next, I heard what sounded like rain hitting the wood floor. The sound ended up being a UPB switch making a continuous static noise, until I switched it off then back on.
Fortunately, there was no hole in the living room roof. However, I did loose my Pace modem, and also it seems my RC-80 HAI thermostat got caught in the fray. I have gone through the Installation guide, to no avail. What is presenting is a blank screen on the thermostat itself. It is hooked up to a remote sensor on the other side of the wall the RC-80 is on, and below that sensor is a 1st generation HAI Touch Screen. The touch screen works fine, but it does not turn on the A/C and the temperature displayed is something I have never seen before on a HAI touch screen, and that is 0°. My Omni Pro II panel seems to be fine, except for the network part of it, as my announcements are being made and my outdoor keypad, to turn on/off the security and to lock/unlock the main door, seems to work.
I can not tell if the fuse in the RC-80 is blown. There is no black on the glass and the filament, in the fuse, is straight but leans to one side. Don’t know if this is normal.
My installer of this system is long gone, so I have been having to do what little fixes and troubleshooting on my own. If anyone has a suggestion of what my repair steps should be, I would certainly appreciate the advice. It's steamy here:)!
Thank you,
My suggestion is to contact Leviton and see if they will repair it.   [email protected]
My experience is that they are not fast (weeks), so I suggest you buy a cheap non-automated thermostat to use until the replacement comes back.
Curious where is the fuse on the RC-80? 
I have an old backup RC-80 to my Omnistat RC2000 which does not work anymore.  It powers up but no longer communicates with the panel.
I ended up getting a new A/C system. The thermostat still didn't work so I have a RC-1000on it's way. I heard from HAI it is not repairable, anyway.  
The fuse, BTW, for the RC-80 is on the board inside the RC-80. You see it as soon as you take the back off.
After much delay, I checked the tracking number (which said 3 attempts of delivery were made) so I finally checked my cameras and fortunately I have one right where he put it...above my electric panels. So, I got a great much shot of him!:) Anyway, have not tackled installing it yet. The "pin out" is a bit different from the RC-80 so the harnesses have plugs have to cut off of the control wire to the remote temperature sensor and to the controller. My extinct installer extended the wiring and the colors don't match so I have to translate the wire color scheme between what I have, what does where on the RC-80 and the same for the RC-1000.
Shut off the furnace and take the cover off.
Take a picture of the wiring and post it here.
You had me change my furnace filter / humidifier filter today and tape plastic over the thermostat hole (and stuff plastic wrapping in there).
So here you see all sorts of colors. Just make sure they match end to end.
Just remember to shut everything off at the furnace plus I always turn off the breaker at the fuse panel.
Here installed the HAI Thermostat Isolation Module (29A00-1) two houses back with the RC-80.
Reinstalled it when I went to a new home and using an Omnistat 2 thermostat.
Also added more HAI temperature and temperature/humidity sensors and remove remote thermostat temperature sensor.