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When I talk to my friends about my new HA project some of them become interested in the security but not the automation. I have been able to influence some into the M1G, but not everybody (big price compared to a simple alarm). The M1EZ8 is not good because it does not have telephone interface.

So the question that arises is, what alarm system is appropriate for them, if they want telephone notification and control? They idea is having telephone notification to know when the alarm detected a burglar or event (while away). Ideallly it would be nice to be able to turn the burglar alarm off remotely too (be a good neighbor).

I hear a lot about the Caddx, but I saw the manual for the wireless interface and it is unreadable. It looks like they dont want anybody to understand it. I wonder how bad can the alarm's manual be. Is it a good option? Do I have to do much programming to set it up?

What other good and simple option do you recommend? Preferable are systems that support wireless and wired sensors, but all options are welcomed.

From what I've learned over the last couple years, the companies making the really good alarm systems do not intend for the average home tinkerer to be messing with their stuff. Many, but not all, of the security "pros" do their best to discourage homeowners from playing on their turf. I ignored this and bought an NX-8E anyway. If you take the time to read and learn their terminology, the manuals begin to make sense. My system has been flawless.

I also decided to have it monitored. One of my neighbors is one of those security "pros". He knew I was going to buy and install my own stuff and I ended up going with a brand his company didn't support. He still suggested monitoring. The point that sold me is that if I have a fire, an alarm that's not monitored will do great for saving your foundation.
piper_chuck said:
The point that sold me is that if I have a fire, an alarm that's not monitored will do great for saving your foundation.
Thanks for the advice. It is a point to consider. However fire is not as problematic here (Puerto Rico) as in the mainland. All houses are 100% concrete to resist the hurricanes and typical fires (if they occur) do not span more than than one room (usually the kitchen).
Make sure you add up all the costs of the equipment that you are installing to get the features you want.

Security Control
Telephone Remote control
Zone Expansion
Wireless Receiver
Voice Dialer to cell phone and/or Digital Central Station Reporting
optional basic automation features
Future proof
I installed a Caddx security system and it has been rock solid. You are correct, the manuals are NOT easy. However, wiring it is very straight forward, and once it is programmed, you don't need to change it.