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So I've tried to think of all my options right now for expanding the storage on my WHS system. I'm re-using a spare PC I had laying around which is more than enough horsepower, but is older technology, so does not support SATA.

Given that I have to keep 1 IDE connection free for the DVD writer, should I need to backup (though come to think of it, I do have an IDE/USB adapter I use to access old hard drives, I could probably use that for the DVD writer should the need come to burn a restore DVD. Hmmm...an idea worth testing).

The bottom line is that, although it's handy and nifty that WHS makes use of all your old spare HD's laying around...most people don't keep high capacity drives laying around. And such it is with me. The largest I have not being used is 160 GB. Given that just one of the PC's I want backed up has close to that amount on it means that I won't get far with my spare drives. Oh, I can still use them, I have no doubt...but not as the core amount of storage.

So it seems my options are thus:

1) Start from scratch with a new system.
This is the most costly route. Find a new motherboard (well, "new", but not latest generation), which will of course support SATA. So, with a decent combo deal at newegg, a motherboard, processor, and RAM is probably still talking $180. Then two new SATA drives, say $140 for both. So, not counting WHS itself, which is a fixed cost, we're talking around $320 or thereabouts.

2) Buy a SATA add-in card for my existing system.
The card itself is pretty cheap, there are several to choose from on newegg, all around the $20 range. So, $20 for an addin card, then $140 for two new SATA drives, $160 total.

3) Buy some USB drives, since I have plenty of those ports on the PC. It seems I could get around 1 TB for $100. That would certainly handle backups. And then the internal IDE drives I already have could take care of duplication of important data, most likely. The downside would just be the extra wall wart and drive hanging around. And I've not had good luck with external drives...I bought an eSATA half terrabyte a while ago, and it just suddenly quite working. I ended up removing the drive from the housing, and it still worked! So something in the interface went bad, I guess.

4) Buy some new or used IDE hard drives. With SATA getting so cheap, I'd just imagine that those older drives are getting cheap too. A quick look on ebay shows 250 GB drives for $35 each. So, $70 and I could have 500 GB all at once. Seems like the cheapest route, but like I mentioned in an earlier blog, I do hate the idea of paying for old technology drives.

So that's where I'm at. Just pondering still. Getting a large external drive with eSATA/USB seems like it might be the most cost effective, and perhaps versatile.

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