Caddx DL900 Software


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From all I have managed to find, it appears that the downloader software DL900 is free, yet I have had no luck in finding a copy. Could anyone please direct me to where I could get a copy PLEASE !!!!. I need it to unlock my NX8e panel.

I program my NX8E through the alarm keypad, never used the software. Not too hard to do, just takes a little patience - the unit is quite sophisticated but you only need to touch 1% of the programming locations...
tsk, tsk, tsk, A simple search on all forums for any date with the search string "DL900" yielded THIS post. My third post in that thread states the following:

If you need the DL900 software you can get it HERE. The user name is "webuser" and the password is "care4u".
Oh, and that search also yielded THIS (most excellent) How-to which also had the following information in the next to the last post there:

I found the ID/PSWD in the help file. I had to access the help file from file explorer.

The master access is CADDX/1234 and then there is an operator access supervisor/1234.
Just noticed this in the first post here:

I need it to unlock my NX8e panel.

Not sure what you mean by this. Hopefully you can get into the panel's programming mode using the "standard" password on your keypad. Is this a new system or has this system been previously installed by someone else?

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Thanks Much for the quick reply and the link. I guess my search methods need much improvment !.
The panel is used and was pulled from a working install. I have no idea what the program code is and will not have access to it. I hope it is set to the default code, but if not, it is my understanding that if I have the DL900 software I could "download" the panel info and then change this code. Unfortunatley, I won't be able to try this for a few weeks. I'll post back my experiences once I get a chance to set the panel up on my bench for testing.
I have not fooled with a Caddx, so I cannot say for sure, but most panels will not let you download the information without some type of code, ie you need to "sign in" before it will do the download. Of course, as you point out, it could be still setup on the default code. Likewise, it's not that unusual (even though it should be) to find the code written inside the can by the installer. Here's hoping you get lucky.
You know what, I think tng2000 is correct under one condition:

The Caddx panel must be already configured for your specific serial port settings. The default setting for the serial port is "disabled". If this is the case you would indeed need the installer code to "enable" it via the keypad. Matter of fact, it should probably be a good security practice (if you are not using the Caddx Homeseer plugin) to disable the serial port after you download the settings from the DL900.

If you are lucky AND the serial port is enabled AND you guess what settings the port was set to (I would try ASCII or Binary at 9600 Baud) you could probably do what you propose.

Indeed please keep us posted.
If the panal was locked by another installer, I believe that the only way to get into it would be if you had that code.... That means a board swap out. If this is the case, we do have some programs for this. Just email me if you need help.
Well, just unpacked my alarm. I got a BIG suprise, I looks like there is NO MCU in the alarm board ! ;)
I see an empty mcu socket in the alarm panel. Since I'm new to this stuff and have never seen one of these boards, I'm going to assume the worst. I'll have to pickup a power supply and hook it up to confirm, but I'm 99.9% sure it is missing.
If that's the case anyone know if just an MCU is available ????.

" What's an MCU?"
MCU = Micro Contoller Unit - a version of a CPU that's more or less self contained so you can implement it with almost no support circuitry. It also has onboard eeprom and memory, where a cpu does not.

physically it's about 1" square in size and has small pins all around the outside, it sits in a brown colored socket about 2/3 over on the alarm main board. On the board I received there is nothing in that socket. I could take a picture and post a link to it later if it helps.