Caddx multiple patitions questions


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Have a detached garage that is not right next to the house and am thinking of making it a separate partition so I can have it armed and disarmed separately from the house.  Have a NX320 and NX216E in the garage and that is working ok all as one partition with the house.  Main panel is NX8E.  Haven't done multiple partitions before so how to set things up isn't clear...
I don't see a way to put the siren output of the NX320 on a specific partition.  Do the sirens (main panel and NX320) both sound for any partition?
The keypads can only be used for 1 partition.  I have a keypad in the garage and in the house.  Thinking I need another keypad in the house for the garage partition to see what is going on there if anything happens, verify it is armed, etc if I set the garage up as a separate partition - It's not absolutely necessary but seems like it would be handy.
Is multiple partitions the best way to do this?  Any help with how best to set this up?