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need suggestion in choosing a camcorder for the usual family stuff. I have not clue what to look for so if someone has recently purchased one and is happy/unhappy then would like to know.

Thanks for your help.

What is your budget? Sony has a HD camcorder under $2000.

Anything under HD resolutions is all the same to me... Get a Canon on sale at Best Buy...

If you get a DVD recorder, you can just pop the DVD in your computer and copy it onto a permanent and fullsize DVD. They will also play directly in your DVD player - no messing with wires.
Thanks. My budget is definitely not $2000. I liked the sony DVD one but was not sure on how long lasting it wuld be. I am a bit nervouse using one of thoese system as if the burner goes out or starts skipping etc then what other option would be left. Also, I have looked at the cheaper ones and all the reviews talk about bad quality indoors. It is ver importatn for us to have a camera that delivers very good results indoors.

By HD you meant Hard Disk or High Definition???