Can someone educate me on R/F


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I know someone here must have the knowledge that seems to elude me in a basic simple fashion.

I have 4 devices with 4 'channels' I would like to put on the same coax wire.

channels 3,4,15,21.

Before I do something and mess something up, how should I proceed.
There is no Cable or anything else besides those channels and a TV.

do I just connect them all together. ( this seems to easy ) ?
Or do i need something to combine them together ?

how are those 4 channels being created? Is there a modulator creating them? The channel 3 and 4 devices have a built in modulator... and are going to cause interference problems with each other.

Normally, you would have a 4 input modulator, and pick 4 channels. All of the devices are run to the modulator (usually composite (simple RCA for video, left, right)) and out of the modulator you run 1 coax wire with all 4 channels on it.

If you have 4 devices each with a modulator to create those channels and their output is a coax signal - then yes - you could just use splitters in reverse to combine them.

Then comes the interesting part - you might need to balance (amplify or drop) signals to make sure all 4 channels pictures look right. But first you can try simply combining them and see how they look (I bet 3 and 4 don't work together).

yes they are already modulated signals out of equipment on coax. I cannot only get alternate video ( composite ) out of 1 device.

Well I guess I will try to merge them and see what happens.