Central Monitoring

d.dennerline said:
I signed up for AlarmRelay. The cost is mostly covered by the home insurance savings. If you have an ElkM1 with XEP, it's almost a no brainer. You don't need a pots line. AlarmRely has called for several of my trouble signals (low wireless battery), so I am pretty confident they will call when the alarm goes off.
I do miss NextAlarm though - the self-service web interface was really great.
What does AlarmRelay support using the ElkM1 and XEP? I'm primarily looking for 24/7 monitoring to contact emergency services police/fire in the event that I am not responding.
Old post... but I use a local DFW company for monitoring. It's a small company -- sometimes the owner comes out if anything needs to be worked on (that I can't do myself, lol). Since I only have VOIP at home, I use a cellular communicator. They also don't require a contract -- it's month to month -- which is why I chose them... yet I've been with them now for about 15 years.