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I have a quick question about CentraLite. In the planning stages now, and pretty sure that I want to go with CentraLite for lighting control.
From the CentraLite Installation Guide it says the 'CL24 relays can turn on and off any electrical device (as long as the power draw is within the relay rating).
I would like to have a bath fan wired to a relay and the fluorescent lights in the garage. I do not plan on using the dimming function for these, but want to be able to use CentraLite for control timing on/off and with the security system for the garage lights. If I understand things correctly this should be OK to do.

More questions on Audio/Video distribution to come later.
You can wire non-dimmable loads (such as florescents and fans) to Centralite, and these loads can be controlled by the security system. (I do this with a Centralite/Elk combination)
Not sure which system you are installing, I believe they all use the same relays. Per the Elegance Electricans Guide:

"*If a relay will be controlling a load other than an incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, or halogen light, it must be replaced with a non-dimmable relay from CentraLite."

I'm sure they do this to prevent inadvertant dimming of the wrong types of loads. I picked up 10 of the non-dimming versions on eBay for $80 and replaced the ones in my panel and kept six extras for spares and other projects (they are great relays!)

3DogKnight said:

Do you have link to where you bought the relays? Or, how did you search ebay to find them?
Here is a Link to the pdf specifications.

They have changed the numbers. The ones I picked up on eBay are Crydom D2425. 25 is the amp rating.

D2425 = not dimmable.
D2425-10 = dimmable.

I paid about $80 for 10 used ones on eBay.

Just search for "Crydom"