[CES] Silex launches UWB wireless XGA solution


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Since this might be useful in the touchscreen world, I decided to post this press release:

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2006, Consumer Electronics Show—silex technology america, Inc. today announced the launch of its SX-EVK20UA UWB Wireless XGA Solution, providing the capability to transmit high-quality visual media wirelessly over a short range via UWB (UltraWideBand) technology.

The addition of silex’s UWB Wireless XGA Solution to the company’s existing offering of UWB products and solutions is another milestone achieved in pioneering the evolution of UltraWideBand technology—the next generation of wireless connectivity technology. By utilizing UWB’s wide spectrum of frequency bands, users can transmit high-definition data feeds, such as movies and presentations, wirelessly over as short distance. This capability is particularly beneficial as an evaluation kit for developers for home entertainment and office environments.

The UWB Wireless XGA Solution contains a transmitter and a receiver that communicate via UWB. This interface eliminates inconvenient cable changes and cumbersome cables on and around AV equipment. To ensure a superior picture display, silex’s UWB Wireless XGA Solution employs JPEG2000 encoding/decoding operations between the transmitter and receiver. Conventional multimedia devices via MPEG compression cannot guarantee the same high-quality video output and streaming communication that the UWB Wireless XGA Solution provides.

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“The UWB Wireless XGA Solution is an extension of our current UWB-enabling technology offerings, and we’re very excited to deliver another product that further enhances silex’s position in this tremendously dynamic and evolving technology,†said Keith Sugawara, vice president of networking for silex technology america. “While the capabilities of silex’s UWB Wireless XGA Solution are certainly tremendous, we know that there is still a lot to be discovered within the UWB space. silex looks forward to remaining a leader in the evolution of this fascinating technology.â€

In September 2005, silex technology Inc. (JASDAQ: 6679) of Osaka, Japan, announced it developed one of the first mini-PCI based UWB enabled modules designed to allow original equipment manufacturers to leverage the benefits of UWB technology in consumer and industrial applications and products.

silex technology america will be showcasing the UWB Wireless XGA Solution, as well as several other flagship network connectivity products, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Jan. 5 – 8, 2006, in Las Vegas. Please stop by the silex booth 35976 LVCC SO4 to learn more about UWB and silex technology america.

silex’s UWB Wireless XGA Solution will be available in Q1 2006. Those interested in learning more about silex’s UWB products should contact silex technology america, Inc. at (801) 748-1199, or http://www.silexamerica.com.

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