Denon AVR-1705 upconversion problem


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I e-mail their tech support and left a message on their support help line but nobody has got back to me yet. I figured i would post my e-mail that i sent them here just in case anyone else can figure this problem out for me.

In the manual it says the my new AVR-1705 denon is capable of up converting Composite video from the VCR, TV and DVD composite input and Output it via the Monitor Out component. This feature is not working. I have tried reseting the processor by following the instructions in the manual but that did not take care of the problem.

This is my current setup. I have a Composite video signal comming from my PC's ATI all in wonder card. The composite signal is fed into the receiver and SHOULD be upconverted to the component Monitor Out. I then have the component Monitor Output feeding my Infocus X1 Projector which requires a progressive scan input.

I have tried to take the Y of the component output and feed it into the Composite input of my porjector. This usually provides me with a black and white image but when i do it using the up conversion feature it does not even provide me a black and white image.

I have also tried the Composite and S-video outputs of my Denon DVD-1710 feeding into the VCR composite input of the Denon AVR-1705 and was not able to get a video signal on my projector.

I can however Feed the Component Output of the DVD player into the component Inputs of the Receiver and get a very nice quality image on my projector. I can also feed the composite from my computer Directly into the composite input of the projector and get a nice image.

It seems like the Upconversion feature is either broke or not activated. I can not find any additional information in the user manual about setting up the upconversion so i assume that it was automatic and did not need to be activated.

Please contact me asap either via E-mail or call me at home
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Squintz: I have a Denon AVR-2802 (an older version of the model above yours). I too thought that I had this problem when I first got the receiver. Where did you see that it said it would upconvert? I'm not sure that it does. In my case, the monitor output will only output the same connection type. No up or down conversion. If I input composite, it will only output via composite, and so on... If this is true with my receiver, I'm pretty sure it's true with yours. You can workaround by running three separate outputs (composite, S-video and component) from the receiver to the projector. In my case, I opted not to run any video through the receiver - Audio only. Fewer cables and no signal degradation. Of course, I don't get Denon's on-screen menus, but I don't care.
Disregard my previous post. I see the upconversion function mentioned on page 13 of the owner's manual. Take a look at page 27 of the manual. Looks like there are some menu items for setting video input mode.
It has a logo on the front that says it up converts and in the manual it says it can up convert but not down convert
Do you have both S-Video Monitor Out and component monitor out connected? S-video Monitor Out has priority when up-converting, so if you have both connected... nothing outputs.

Also, my AVR-3803 has setup menus with video input/output options where you can assign which video input has priority on monitor out. But it's defaulted to auto-detect so it shouldn't matter unless you have multiple inputs on the same label, i.e., composite, S-Video, and component DVD input all plugged in.
i have tried both inputs but only one at a time. I have tried the auto settings and manual settings and i have also followed page 27 of my manual to a T. Im starting to thing the the conversion function is broke

Guess ill have to keep trying to contact tech support
I figured out what is wrong. Composite video is 480i only and my projector requires 480p or 1080i. So my next question is what is S-video?

Off to google i go....
In the display settings of my ATI card it has 4 differnt images. 2 say monitor, one says TV, and one says YPbPr.

I was wondering if i can use the YPbPr and feed it into my Receiver and feed that into my projector. Does the YPbPr output 480p or higher. Can i set that up as a second monitor and a duplicate of my existing monitor like i am able to do with the TV out. I am asking you all because i dont want to go running all the wires only to find out that the P in PbPr doesnt mean that its progressive.

Belowe is a huge picture of what i am talking about.

Squintz, are you using the HDTV dongle, or do you have composite jacks on the actual card? I use the ATI HDTV adapter which converts the DVI port on my ATI 9600 series to composite, and I can pick any mode I want.
OK then Squintz, I assume you have a progressive scan DVD player, as you are getting a signal when you input using a component cable from DVD>Receiver>Projector and your projector only supports 480p and not 480i (this is what I gathered from posts so far).

Your receiver will only be upconverting to 480i as you rightfully assumed in your last post. This is because both composite and S-Video are 480i, it is then just seperating the signals (the term up-converting is not technically accurate in this context, as up-converting would mean actually increasing the number of lines making it either 480p, 720p or 1080i).

So technically:
S-video>component, it is separating the C signal into Cb and Cr.
Composite>component, Y/C separation then as before C signal to Cb and Cr.
If you want to know more about Y/C separation, read my post on "S-Video vs AV".

Basically, you will never get a Y Pb Pr output which is 480p (Progressive Signal), only a Y Cb Cr output which is 480i (Component Signal) from S-Video or composite video through your "upconverting" receiver.

Use the Y Pb Pr output from your ATI card and you should have no problems, it will probably default out at 480p.

I have a question though, you say your projector supports 1080i, does it do this through component, ie Y Pb Pr?
It may do this through DVI if you have that input, but if it does it through component, your graphics card may support this (I can help you with the settings at a later date), and when you play HD media such as WM9 you will get amazing results!

If you want to know more just ask!

(I may be a little late with my responses as I'm currently living in Shanghai, so I'm pretty much only awake when you're asleep)
Wow! your really starting to dig deep into the old post :blink:

I got this issue sorted out. I ended up buying an adapter with selectable outputs for my ATI card. Works very well except for one small limitation. When i setup my ATI card to display my desktop on the monitor 2 output i can not view videos on the second monitor(projector) Only the primary monitor can display videos. This is a software limitation or driver limitation. I forget which but i don't think its within my control. So im gonna have to wait another year and ask santa to bring me a Dedicated HTPC for my theater. Hopefully something like MCE. Santa just doesnt have the money for it this year
I once noted something similar when trying to output to a second monitor from my laptop, couldn't watch video or play full-screen games.

In my case, this could be quite easily sorted out:
Just needed to press FN+F7 a second time and only display to the second monitor, it seemed it could only display graphics on 1 monitor at a time.

Knowing this, you might be able to sort this out doing something along the lines with what I did.

You may have tried this already, so I don't know if it's relevant. Thought it might be worth a shot though.