Different wiring for DS9490 / DS9097?


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if I have understood the datasheets for the Dallas USB adaptor DS9490R and serial adaptor DS9097 right, the pinout on the RJ11 for 1-wire data and 1-wire ground is different.

On DS9490R:
Pin3: OW (1-Wire Data),
Pin4: GND_OW (1-Wire Return),

On DS9790U:
Pin3: GND,
Pin4: 1-W.

The description of the Adaptor Cable RJ45 to RJ11 in the Hobby-Boards shop says, the cable can be used for USB and Serial adaptor. The wiring diagrams at Hobby-Boards meets the datasheet for the USB, but not for the serial adaptor.

So, if the USB and Serial adaptors have different wirings, how can this cable be used for both? Should I use a different cable for the serial adaptor?

The pinouts (as relating to the 1-Wire data line and GND) are the same they just reference a different pin as pin 1 for each. Not a very good job of consistency :)

Our adaptor cable works fine with but the USB and Serial Adaptors. I use them on both all the time.