DL900 2.20 Download


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I went to the GE link found on google, but there is no download link. Can someone please share the latest version? Thanks.

Also, where can I get the latest flash file for the nx-590e?

What are the major improvements over this software vs. the older version? I will be visiting GE/Caddx's booth at the ISC West 2007 Security expo later this March so if you have any questions you would like me to ask, let me know! :unsure:
I'm still very curious on the differences/updated incorporated in this newer version. Anyone upgrade from the older version?
judge_l said:
The software is under "related items", click software and then what you want.

Now has anyone else ever had problems setting up to send SMTP email? I keep getting a "aux comm error" on the keypad.
Just thought I'd update this thread to let everyone know that there is a newer version of DL900 software available now.

Version 3.01 http://www.gesecurity.com/portal/GESDownlo...nttype=Software will download if you have a regeistered GE Security account.

Here's a sample of what's different since version 2.19 of the software:

Changes to 3.01
From 3.00

1) Fixed error loading receivers higher than #35

Changes to 3.00
From 2.20

1) Corrected issue with not arming partition 7

Changes to 2.20
From 2.19.4

1) Added code to try to use NX-588E for direct connect

2) Added NX-548E

3) Fixed issue where APT seed code on V2 panels was not saved.

5) Added UI stuff for 8E and V2 panels.

6) Added "Use computer setting" to end list of languages so user can clear selections

7) Fixed bug with NX-8CF showing bypass for fire zones on keypad status

8) Hide last 4 options if NX-148E/1192E since they do not exist on NX-148E/1192E

9) Changed disconnect sequence on direct connect. This corrects the issue where the keypad used to send text to
will not be enrolled after disconnect.

10) Corrected default for output 3 (to be inverted) on NX-320