[download] Module: Documenter - Generates Documentation for Modules and other Premise objects.


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File Name: Module: Documenter - Generates Documentation for Modules and other Premise objects.
File Submitter: 123
File Submitted: 28 Nov 2009
File Updated: 8 Dec 2009
File Category: Premise
Author: 123
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Version: 1.0

Documenter is a tool I wish I had a long time ago. It converts a Premise Module, normally viewed as a multi-node treeview in Builder, into a single text file. In effect, it "flattens" treeviews into printable text files (see the ScreenShot).

Documenter isn't limited to documenting Modules and can be used to document Premise Home. It'll list all rooms, their contents, and any instance-scripts.

To install Documenter, simply import the attached XDO. Navigate to the Module (or other Premise object) you wish to document and, in the Properties window, click "CreateDocument". Documenter has two options:
  • DirectoryName
    Folder where the document files will be stored.
  • ShowPropertyDetails
    This option is only applicable to documenting Modules. For each Class Property, show the following four details: DefaultValue, ReadOnly, Bindable, and Browsable.

Version 1.3
Indicates the Module's version.
Creates a summary of all Classes in a Module.
Creates a summary of all Methods in a Class.

Version 1.2
Documents class relationships: Lists its inherited and extended classes.

Version 1.1
Documents all Enumerations in a Module.

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Documenter version 1.3 is now available. In addition to reporting a Module's version, V1.3 provides a summary of a Module's Classes and each Class's Methods.

The resulting document is a detailed listing of the Module's source-code (i.e. a traditional, "flat", source-code listing as opposed to Premise's "treeview" organization). It is very handy when trying to understand how a Module operates.