DSC 1616 and 2 Wire Smoke Trouble


All - I recently installed a small DSC 1616 alarm system in my detached garage. Everything is up and running as far as security zones but I'm having trouble with the 2 wire smoke detector. I'm using a (1) system sensor 2WT-B unit and have it wired using a SEOL 2200 ohm resistor. It is programmed on PGM 2 per the installation manual. 
Using the test button will sound the alarm and the central station confirms receipt of the fire alarm so I know it's working. However, the keypad is showing a trouble code 5. I've tried the basic things like a reset using both the reset button on the keypad and *72. I've removed and reinstalled the unit. I also tried using a 5.6k ohm resistor like a normal zone just to see. 
When looking for details on the trouble code 5 initially it was pointing to my fire zone. After working on it a bit this afternoon it continues to show trouble 5 but no details are shown when I press 5 on the keypad again, its just blank. 
I found a note on an old DSC installer book that references a J1 jumper saying that unless the jumper is pulled a 2 wire smoke will show trouble. That sounds like me but I don't have a J1 jumper on my board that I can see. 
Anyone have some ideas here? I'm out of ideas on where to look for this one especially since the detailed trouble code is not appearing. Is it possible there's a different zone that's now causing this?