ELK and System Sensor 2WTA-B Smoke

I am preparing to install 10 of these smoke detectors on my ELK M1.  I have a few questions;
1. The rating on each of these is 130mA (limited by panel)  Does this mean I need an aux power supply?
2.  The SS directions show the use of an EOL resistor, but does not specify.  ELK shows an 820, is this correct?
3.  The directions indicate to add a RRS-MOD in order for the keypad to by able to reset the smokes and also allow all smokes to sound together.  Is this correct for ELK or will it allow me to reset without this item?  I really do not want all the smokes to sound, just the violated one and the alarm.  It also states the power requirement drops to 30mA for smoke in alarm, and 12 mA for the other nine, plus 25 for module.
I really appreciate the help, gentlemen.  This forum has been a life saver! :pray:
1. Panel limits the total current that is available to the 2 wire fire loop. The M1 is not technically listed for compatibility of these detectors by SS.
2. EOLR is determined by the host panel. M1 is 820 ohm.
3. The RRS is only needed for a tandem ring, if required by code or desired. Otherwise, system operation will be the smoke in alarm is the only one that sounds.
4. Once the loop is in alarm, the total drawn is what you read per smoke in alarm.
5. I would honestly look into the 2WMOD2 or COSMOMOD2W. A lot of benefits can be had using these on the panel.
Thanks for the response.  If I understand, without the RRS, only the smoke in alarm will sound but panel will go into fire alarm?   Does ELK allow for alarm reset without the RRS?