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Elk M1 & Ocelot: Got it working!!!


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update: I have full 2way communications going between the Ocelot and the M1EZ8, so I can take advantage of all the ADICON expansion modules. This works great!


upstatemike said:
If you create wav files from AT&T voices and record them into the M1 you have the same voice as HS except you have more opportunity to tweak the pronunciation.
Perfect, but we can use only 60 sec for record,right?btw,can you explain me how to record wav files into M1? I use M1 voice all the time in a sort of "ELK speaker dist" using a relay board,would be perfect to use more "like human" announcement


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well I just finished integrating my Ocelot with the M1. The M1 turns on outputs (ie output101 for the dryer) in order to send updates to Homeseer, then my.Elk turns the virtual device on / off, triggering the announcement events.

If my PC is down, it can still show on the keypads what's going on, and beep the keypads if the garage door stays open for too long.


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I started poking around and found this little guy. There are samples and it doesn't compare to even the Microsoft voices at this point. It seems unlikely that you'll do true randome TTS with just an Elk - I don't see a way to say read a CNN breaking news alert, or even the weather.

Here is another one that sounds better and is cheaper.

I know it's beyond me to interface this to the Elk, but it seems that if we can get ASCII to these little boards we can speak...


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I think if you are looking to read data from a live feed then you will probably need to use a PC based solution since you will need the part that connects the data feed anyway.

I don't use anything like that right now but I can see where it would be handy for speaking weather forcasts. (I prefer using a personal weather station for current conditions so that part is just speaking local data).