Elk M1 wiring to a light lift


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I just installed an Aladdin Light lift (like a garage door opener for a chandelier). It has a low voltage key switch to control the up and down movement. Turn the switch right it goes up, turn it left it goes down. Middle position is stopped. I have attached a picture of the key. I want this light lift to be controlled by a KP2 near the chandelier. I need one signal from keypad to raise and another signal to lower. I would like it to work such that the key must be continuously pressed for the movement to continue. Once the key is released the movement should stop. The other alternative is to have a third key be the stop key. Also would be nice to have these keys be protected by code so that kids wont be able to play with it. Can someone help me understand the right way to do this?



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It looks like you have a common wire and a wire for up and a wire for down.

Using two relay outputs, say output 7 for up and output 8 for down, connect the common terminal of each relay to the common wire on the switch. Output 7 normally open to the up wire, and output 8 normally open to the down wire.

You will not be able to hold a button and release to stop so you will need a stop button or you could make the button control a short closing of the relay to say move the light 12 inches for each push.

Using a Rule: WHENEVER Function key 1 is pressed THEN turn on output 7 for 3 seconds.
WHENEVER Function Key 2 is pressed THEN turn on output 8 for 3 seconds.

You will have to play with the timing values for proper operation.

If you want a STOP button then: WHENEVER Function Key 3 is pressed THEN turnoff output 7 THEN turnoff output 8.

or something like this.
Have fun!
I tried this but I think the voltage of the output prevents it from working one the lift unit side. When I simply cross the lift wires it activates the unit. Would I need to use a relay between the output wires and the lift wires to convert the 12V output into a simple closed contact?