Elk M1G and HVAC


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If I was to get the RCS Zone Controller could I use the ELK temp senors hooked up to the new keypads and then use the Elk Keypads as a thermostat also?
Not sure what you are asking but I'll take my best shot at answering.

No, you can not hook the Elk temp sensor to the Zone in a KP2. The temp sensors must be connected to Zones 1-16. The Elk keypad as a thermostat - you should be able to use menu 6 to 'control' a stat, or issue tasks to do things. But I would think you would use your CQC screens to control the stat remotely.
The M1 does not run the HVAC controller functions like the RCS,Aprilaire, or HAI Thermostats. You really need a dedicated Thermostat to control the HVAC.

The M1 can control the settings of the Thermostat. No problem!
Thanks, looks like I'm going to get rid of the AprilAire TStat and go with the RCS40 TStats and RCS Zone controller.
Steve said:
Do you already have the Aprilaire? Why would you toss it for the RCS?
All I have is the 8870, 8818 the temp sensor. If I have to buy 3 TStats and a Zone Controller I might as well go with the RCS