Elk m1xsp and Raspberry pi


I recently picked up an Elk M1EZ8 and an Elk m1xsp for a small studio shed in my backyard. My question is there anyway to interface the m1xsp with the raspberry pi? I want to run Homeseer of the pi, thanks!


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Something like this?   https://shop.homeseer.com/products/ultrajones-ultram1g3-plug-in-for-hs3
UltraM1G3 HSPI is a cool new HomeSeer HS3 plugin for the Elk M1 Alarm Panel. The UltraM1G3 plugin connects to the Elk M1 Alarm Panel using either a serial or Ethernet connection allowing control of the panel using HomeSeer. An extensive list of HomeSeer Triggers and Actions are available to customize your home automation setup.
  • HomeSeer HS3 or HS3PRO
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux


I did see that lanbrown, thank you. I was wondering if the M1XSP could physically connect to the Pi effectively. I bought the M1EZ8MSI and that works fine for serial connections from my laptop, but I haven't tried it for the Pi yet. I suspect the M1EZ8MSI is what I needed all along. I had an M1XSP lying around, but it's so antiquated that I'm not sure if it's really worth my time to use.