Elk voice/siren question

mikefamig said:
Good thought but I mis-spoke when I called it a siren. It's an 8 ohm indoor/outdoor speaker that is shaped like a siren. I forget things and get a little confused with all these details sometimes. I have three ATW devices here now, one is a siren that is hooked to output expander and the other two are speakers connected to out1 and out2.
I forget now if DEL left me a siren or speaker but ATW makes the same device in both configurations.
I think that this may be what DEL left here:
and this is the two speakers that I bought:
Ok, that makes sense.  I thought maybe there was a way to connect a siren that I wasn't aware of.
I can't remember what I gave Mike. There's no silver bullet when testing if you're trying to do a real test with outputs....somebody's gonna hear the noise. Either the outputs get pulled or the delay/single cutoff function gets used.