Fast BOOT with Compat Flash Video



Hope this is useful. Check out this video for Fast boot with CF.Fast Boot
Anyone at CT has implemented booting from CF...Any expereince/Lessions to share?

Pretty impressive....

What's the cost on one of these, and what else is needed to be able to install & boot Windows XP/Vista on one?
Hello Dan,

Which particular one have you tried from the list. What kind of boot time are you getting...can you please post some details. Did you use EWR, minLogin, nLited etc etc....

More details please...please...

It's just a firewall (BSD based), so boot times were fast to begin with. It's the first time that I have seen the industrial ones for sale like that. I am hoping to get a larger sized one (I only got the 256M one from that link) and play with XP myself.
If you buy a CCTV server from me it comes that way, soon I will have CCTV, SageTV and some automation goodies in one box.

It's not as easy to get working correctly as they make it seem.

If you don't get EWF running you will smoke the CF in short order.

Need mo RAM, EWF writes almost all changes to the C:\ to RAM. You must have enough to store all changes, plus normal operations.

What is really kicking that in the ass is call HORM, it boots from a hybernation file like a laptop. It doesn't normally go through a full boot, it starts where the developer wants it to. Getting this to work right is a major PITA for some applications, others it's as easy as hitting the hybernate key.

EDIT: I posted then watched the video, it would speed it up running from a hybernation file. I have seen them pop up with a frontend running and winamp already has a song loaded and in intro. Also he could ditch the explorer shell and save some more time but most people want that, it keep my machines waranteed. :angry: