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I got a really good deal on one of these a while back and it has been sitting in my basement ever since. It has a small rubber antenna on the top of it, but I can't seem to get it to connect to my network, either wirelessly or wired. I have a wireless card that I can throw into it, but can't seem to download the drivers to the unit. I have a laptop with IR, I have tried to connect that way as well.

Any suggestions on where I can go for a crash course on this stuff, or does anyone want to chime in with their thoughts?

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I had a couple 510's awhile back. Don't remember any rubber antenna's on them. They do work with a wireless card. I had to remove the hard drive and install it in a desktop PC with an IDE adapter to get the drivers on them. Also they will work with only certain WIFI cards. The Linksys one and the Lucent Silver one is what I had.

Linksys WPC11 V 3.0 WIFI PCMCIA LAN card
The Lucent TechnogiesWaveLAN Silver 802.11b WIFI card
Orinoco Silver WIFI PCMCIA 802.11b


BTW here is some useful info

Here is a picture of the 510 I had
I consider myself somewhat technologically proficient (Except my family who believe I am a guru ;) )

Is it fairly esay to yank the hard drive from the 510 and put it in my other PC?

The 510 runs Windows 98 and my PC's all run Win2K - are there any compatibility issues?
By the way, I like the picture of your setup. This is ridiculous that I have this thing in the house and I am searching for a deal on a touchscreen unit. I can have this thing up and running in a short time it seems with a little help.

How were the delivery of screens/web page (load times) on your 510 when you ran them? Fairly fast or slow (I also have an Audrey that, although it is nice, doesn't seem to cut it as the load times are slow).

I currently use a Leopard II on my wall for the bulk of my commands right now. The touchscreen is nice, but not very "designable", and I have been forced to create many of my own icons (which I would be glad to post if anyone is interested)

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Well that screen was done in Netremote which runs pretty well on the 510 if you limit the graphics a bit. The 510 version used a solid black background whereas the desktop version had a black brushed metal background. The screens loaded and responded fairly fast. I sold the three 510's I had and bought two 3400's that run 400MHZ. They run my new graphics very well.

Not hard at all to pull the drive. Actual I had a small slave drive on my system that I moved the drivers over to. I made sure that this slave drive was formated with Fat and not NTFS so that a DOS bootdisk would see it. Next I disconnected the master drive (win2k) temporarily and connected the 510's drive to the desktop via a IDE adapter I got off Ebay for $5. I then made sure the bios was set to boot from floppy and then used a boot floppy to boot from. I then copied the files over from the slave drive to the 510's drive. I also used Ghost to create a backup image of the 510 over to the slave drive just in case.

This is a round about way to get the wireless network drivers into the Fujitsu without removing the hard drive, and it worked very well for me.

You will need any type of USB thumb drive, and a PCMCIA modem.

I put the PCMCIA modem in my fujitsu, and win98 recognised and installed a default driver and the modem, and it worked fine. Next, set up a dial up account, and use that to log onto the internet. If you have DSL, call your provider and they can give you the dial up settings that allow you to connect if DSL is down. Most DSL providers offer this free of charge for up to 1-2 hours of connect time. Now, Download the drivers for the thumb drive and then install them.

Now you are all set! Now all you have to do is copy the Wireless Network adapter drivers from your PC to the thumb drive, and then plug it into the Fujitsu, and install the drivers.

Once that is done, you are on the network, and can copy any other files or whatever you need over the network.

Even easier, if you have a PCI to Compact flash reader, you can copy the files to the CF from your computer, and then just put that in the PCMCIA slot on the Fujitsu to install the WAN drivers..

As for the rubber antennae, mine had it as well when I got it off of Ebay. It is a RF card for a specialized network that will not work with 802.11b. It usually works with radio towers to give wide area network access. It is pretty costly, and the service is not available much anymore. I pulled the card out of mine completely, as it wasnt needed and just sucked up battery time.

As for only certain wireless card working, I had not heard that before. It is basically a Win98 machine, and with the proper drivers, just about any card SHOULD work. I used a Dlink PCMCIA WIFI card in mine with no problem, as well as a Dlink USB WIFI thumb drive.
I just realized the unit is Windows 95. I have a copy of Windows 98E. How difficult is it to install 98 on the 510? Am I getting in over my head, or should I not have a problem with the 95.
Maybe I am showing my age but I used the serial ports, a null modem cable and hyperterminal to send my drivers to the 510.


Can I get away with a simple serial cable? I have one laying around...

What about the IR ports? Anyone have success with that?
I had Win98SE on mine and used 98lite to slim it down. While I had the drive in my PC I copied the entire Win98SE CD onto the second partition that was on the 501 HD. I also stuck all the drivers I would need. I then formatted the first partition using the /S option and just installed the drive into the Fujitsu and booted to C: then changed to d: and ran setup

Its also possible, when you get the drivers into it, to just plug in an external USB CD-Rom and install dirrectly from that. Thats how I up'd mine from 98 to 98se.
I think the antenna is a Range2 LAN. I have software installed on the 510 that refers to this Range2.

Can this connect to 802.11?
jwilson56 said:
Next I disconnected the master drive (win2k) temporarily and connected the 510's drive to the desktop via a IDE adapter I got off Ebay for $5.

Is that one of those 2.5" (Notebook) to 3.5" IDE Hard Disk Drive adaptors that I see on eBay?