GamePort Plugin - 4 port version


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This plugin allows you to monitor up to 4 gameports (that's up to 16 dry contacts you can monitor!), simply copy the hspi_*.ocx files to your Homeseer directory, start up Homeseer, and configure the plugin from the interfaces tab in Options.

I am working on combining all these plugins into 1 plugin, and possibly support more than 4 ports.

Source code has been included.

[edit] A new version (total rewrite) will be released soon which will be much better and more efficient. Stay tuned!


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Hi there. I was wondering how the next version is coming along. I've really liked the current one, but min to tray would be nice (instead of having to use another tray wizard program).
So I am using this gameport plugin and it is working well for me, except for one thing.. It is not logging anything.

I have an existing home security system, but when I bought the house the previous owners had no idea what the codes were.. So I figured I might as well make use of the door and window contacts and monitor/log when doors are opened and closed... Might add cameras and such later...

Anyway, it all works great. but the events from this plugin are not logged.. The status screen does show last change..

Any thoughts??

BTW, I tried the updated software USB plugin but it wouldn't run...
If you have HS2, I have written a Gamepad / Joystick plugin which is available here

This plugin supports as many gamepads as you can plug, and also supports analog inputs from Joystick Axis.

From the web configuration interface, you can define device strings, ranges of values and device strings for each Axis, and also special timed sequences. For example you can launch an homeseer event after you have made a circle with the joystick, or pressed several buttons simultaneously... etc.

The plugin is notification based, which means there is no polling of the Gamepads every 10ms, and everything has been thought to minimize CPU usage.