Greetings from West By God Virginia


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Hello all,  
I've lurked around here for a while and I'm around on other forums most recently being Homeseer.  I've toyed with Home Automation off and on for a while and stopped for a long time.  Then I guess a year, maybe more I got interested again and thought heck why not I own the house.  I knew "of" Homeseer and the other big names out there and I knew how costly they were. So I started off simple with a SmartThings hub.  To make a long story short I have a "pile" of hubs being SmartThings, Wink Hub 2, 2 x Vera Plus, Philips Hue, Lutron Caseta (standard), Lutron Caseta Pro, Harmony Hub, Hubitat, Rpi running Home Assistant, Rpi with OpenHab2 a house full of Echo devices and a couple Google Home Mini's.... After a lot of trial, error, experimenting I chose Homeseer as my primary Home Automation system.  Would have been cheaper to just start there :)
Current setup is Homeseer controlling all z-wave and automation events and Vera Plus providing Zigbee ZHA device support.  So far everything is running well.  Since I'm new to Homeseer past the 30 day trial and just purchased a Pro license during the Black May sale I thought I'd come over here and say Hi... as I read a lot of the stuff here and seems to be some HS people here and a lot more "high end" automation topics than on the other forums.  But I still visit the other forums too.


Welcome to the Cocoontech forum jeubanks!
Here utilize Homeseer Lite and Homeseer Pro.
Relating to ZWave running a POE RPi2 / Stretch with a ZWave dot me GPIO card. 
Works fine and similar to using a Homeseer ZNet device.
For Zigbee currently using the HAI Omni Pro 2, Smartthings and Almond +.  The OP2 talks to Homeseer.  Running a OmniPro 2 Smartthings plugin (applications).
Relating to Homeseer thinking of adding a similar set up as the ZWave / Stretch RPi to run Zigbee and using a 3rd party Homeseer plugin for Zigbee managment.