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Many of you know I'm getting ready to start a new house and have been here asking lots of questions on pre-wire, features to include, etc. You've been extremely helpful and I've gained a lot from the forum. We're getting close to groundbreaking and I'm working on my pre-wire plan. The Wiring 101/102/103 have been very helpful but I wanted to start with a "feature list" for hte house and then work out the wiring from there.

In any case, the attached file has floorplans for both floors fo the house and my draft specifications document. At this point, there are still some things missing and it is just "feature" based. IOW, no info on specific runs, etc. yet.

But I thought I'd post it here to see if anybody has any input and/or gets some ideas of their own from my list. I'll be building the wiring schedule off of this master document.



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I know that the two of us have gone over the plans but perhaps it might be a good idea to also bring them to our next NTHAUG meeting and get some opinions from the rest of the group too.
Nice pad! If it were my house, one thing I would consider is to switch the Theatre and the Exercise room. I find lot's of windows/sunlight helps me out when I workout, while sunlight is the enemy of the Theater.
We tried that but just couldn't get it to work right. Also having the exercise room and master closet as a sound buffer between the theater and bedroom is nice.

The theater has no windows btw.

this is based on personal opinion . . . salt to taste . . .

not HA related, but I would add a seperate entry door at the guestroom . . . I don't like having an entry into a bathroom, it could be 'in use' when someone wants in/out . . .

concerning your HA Spec doc . . .

the 1 each to 1 location for the Computer/TV/Phone isn't enough for most rooms . . . well, maybe enough for the laundry room . . . the WAF is much higher if you can re-re-re-arrange the furniture without having to run wires along the baseboard :)
. . . also TVs in bedrooms tend to be mounted high on a shelf, near the ceiling . . . not the same location as a computer or phone . . . you need a power outlet there as well . . .

2nd story glassbreaks may be overkill, probably depends on ease of access from the outside, but if I was gonna break a window to gain access I don't think I'd climb to do it . . .

I don't see a need for CO detectors in each room, CO monitors placed close to CO producing appliances should cover that . . . but maybe it's a code issue . . .

you have no whole house audio for music and/or HA announcements ? ? ? maybe its the intercom ? ? ?

also, maybe an editing goof, but a touchscreen in the laundry and not the living room ? ? ?

thats all I come up with after a quick review . . . looks good over all . . .

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