HAI 20A04-2UPG 4.0b Chip Needed

I've missed the boat and need your help....
I installed an HAI system back in 2007.  The system has been VERY reliable, and never needed any type of service or fine tuning after setting it up.... 
I have the old 2 Layer board, which means the chipset is not flashable.. I currently have 20A04-2 UPG version 2.16a... Yes, that version is from 2008....
After many years, I got the itch to make some programing changes; however, based on my chip, limited to the great features added in newer firmware versions. 
In calling Leviton, I found out the last boat departed back in August of 2019, as this is when Leviton discontinued supporting/selling the chip for the 2-layered board; hense, I missed the boat...!
Does anyone know how may have the last firmware version made, which was 4.0b?    If not, does anyone know anyone that still have their version behind 4.0b when upgraded?
OR....  Does anyone have a successful process they can share with making a chip with an eeprom programmer?
Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!


You can still buy the upgraded chips from ASIHome (Worthington). I got an email a couple of weeks ago that they still have them in stock.
I called them earlier today.  They don't have any in stock, but mentioned they're working with Leviton to get old chips flashed with the new firmware.
They said if I could send my chip to them, they would send a group of them to Leviton; however, I don't want to take my system down for the weeks it will take.
Is there anyone within the forum that has an older version chip sitting around that I can buy to send in for flashing?
PSCHARFG - Have have flashed a few more with Firmware 4.0b. How many do you need?
I also have a bunch of Firmware 2.16a, but I'm not sure who would want them.



I would like to get an updated 4.0b ROM chip. I still a on 3.17 I believe it is. Do not need a new version of PCAccess to go with the ROM upgrade?