HAI / Aprilaire Flush-Mount Temp Sensor


Wondering if anyone knows if either/both of the flush-mount remote temperature sensors for HVAC zoning made by Aprilaire or HAI will work with systems other than these two manufacturers? I'm assuming they are pretty generic, plug-and-play devices, but just wanted to get others' opinions. Specifically, I am looking to use them with a Carrier Infinity system.

Thanks for any insights!
Hi dealsinva

Check out this document here.

In it, you will find a table representing temperature versus resistance on page 17. This table is valid for both the 8051 and 8052 temperature sensors.

If this suits your Carrier Infinity system then it should work.

Why not just use the sensors that your Carrier system recommends?
Thanks. I'll take a look. The two mentioned in my post flush-mount and effectively disappear into the wall. The Carrier ones are 4"x4" boxes, surface mounted. Just a preference for a clean look.