HAI/Leviton UPB Serial Connector Wiring


Unrelated but here have only crashed / burned  up one new Omni Pro II board while workbench testing it a few years back.
It was related to not paying attention connecting the power supply to the wrong terminals in the dark. 
It was a quick crash and burn. 
It did smoke and leave a large dark spot on the panel board. 
Well geeze did the same with an Omnitouch screen once a few years back (and the wiring is very simple for these serially connected touchscreens).


I tried building a RJ12 to DB9 serial adapter based off this post and http://kb.homeauto.com/default.asp?id=545&SID=&Lang=1 and failed miserably.  Thankfully this was for a second PIM and my first one had come with a 36A05-1.  Ended up taking the factory adapter apart.  As far as I could tell it was literally the exact same product I got from Monoprice for $1.50 aside from having to wire the pinout yourself.
For the wiring inept: green, black, red, white, then yellow across the top row.  blue in the first hole of the second row.


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Yes; it's all about the pin (RJ-45/12) for pin arrangement going to the RS-232 pin order.  There is no color standard.
Probably the easiest way to validate the Pin order is to cut one of the flat cables and separate the wires in order then use a VOM wire by wire.
For RS-232 to RJ anything there was no real standard ever.  IE: I have an old Digi serial server with RJ-45 serial ports and you had the choice of using their custom cables or making them up.  I did use it making my own cables up many years ago.