HAI Omni at Home Depot

I saw this a while back. Here lately I have been trying to shop and buy locally to support local small business owners. The main reason for this is the customer service. Which is almost non existant in the big box stores. If you were to buy HAI products from The Depot good luck trying to get one of them to assist you with install /troubleshooting issues. This is no plug for Martin(Automated Outlet) or Brian(Tech Home) but if you were to buy from one of these guys they would deliver outstanding customer service and future support. I have seen it happen right here on this board. Do you think that the CEO/Owner of Home Depot will assist you with your install? Just my two cents nothing more nothing less.
Based on some previous threads, I believe HD is hooked up with SmartHome, and Smarthome is doing all the inventory/shipping/etc. Since the HA stuff at HD is web only, I bet the support (if any) will be by Web or through SmartHome.
Great they added another partner but does it really make sense?

1. They don't carry them in stores (so no easy gratification or exposing it to general Home Depot shoppers).
2. The prices are what, list prices? Anyone who does a comparison will quickly move from buying this stuff from Home Depot (aside from any support considerations).

I think Home Depot got the better end of the bargain here. They lose nothing by adding it to the website, and if they do get business, they get the highest possible margins. I could be very wrong, but I can't see this driving large amounts of business their way.

If they want to be in it, be IN it! Have the stuff in stores, and have fairly competitive prices (although this could be a detriment to those who have built businesses around good prices, great support, and an understanding of the market and the needs of their users).

Would anyone here place an order at Home Depot for this stuff? Their chance comes only from promotions (if % off brings it down to reasonable levels) or those looking to use their Home Depot credit card for free financing (although screw that up and the 22% or so rates will add up quickly).