HAI Thermostat


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I got sidetracked from the reversing relay testing when I found a new path from one end of the house to the other. This had been delaying me from hooking the thermostat for one. It will also let me tie in the sprinker and a few other things.

I got everything connected (the HAI RC80B to the M1XSP), but on the keypads if I go to temperature, it says 'Not enabled'. If I log in via the M1XEP, and go to the thermostats page (I set up Thermostat 1 as Kitchen via ElkRP, which shows up properly), it says 'Unit Not Responding'.

The light on the serial expander seems to blink once every half-second, but on every other blink it adds another (a flicker).

I confirmed communications mode is set to 0 (setting 01) so the HAI expects 300 baud, RS-232. The unit number in the thermostat is set to 1, and the address setting is down, up up up (meaning it is set to unit 1).

The baud jumpers on the M1XSP are all down (000), and S5 is on, S5 is off, S7 is on, s* is off. JP3 is set to 232.

JP1, JP2 are cleared.
JP5 is set.

The XSP enrolls properly (if I go to edit though the XSP shows up as address 14, which I did not quite follow, not sure if that is an indication of anything). Currently it is a keypad, the M1XSP then the terminator in the data bus hub.

I have 4-conductor wire connected to the 4 wire comm harness for the HAI, which is tied to the XSP via the supplied db9 connector. Only variation there is the silver goes to yellow, and the blue goes to green, but this should not be the issue (I don't think) since it is just the differnt coloring schemes, which do match on both ends.

I have the M1XSP connected to a data bus expander. I'm using rj45 on one end for the data bus hub, and the following to the XSP:
brown - +12x
orange/green - A
orange stripe, green stripe - b
brown stripe - neg.

I checked on the elk boards and went through suggestions there as well.

I've checked the log using ElkRP and there are no unusual items there either.

Anything anyone can think I might have missed before I try tech support?
Never mind, I figured it out. There is a mistake in the documentation for the M1XSP. The example shows the address 1 being specified a 1 down, 2, 4, and 8 up. I originally thought this was strange, but then later noticed the address being 14 (8+4+2) so tried it the other way and what that meant (I originally was wondering if the address of 14 showing up after enrollment was for something else (but couldn't figure out why it would be like this, and should have caught it then. This is what kept bugging me). All is working properly after changing this.

I checked the manual on the website, and the mistake is in the current version as well. It seems they are all wrong (all examples show that as being address 1 when it is really address 14).

The other thing I noticed was that for BAUD it says no changes needed, but lists it as S1, S2 and S3 are 0. When I recieved mine (M1XSP), these were all set to 1 (I had corrected this initially though).
I looked at it again, it may not really be a documentation error, but in how I was reading it. The switches are white, which is shown properly, the darker X's threw me off for some reason (which is similar to how the jumpers are referenced). On is clearly referenced as well.

What a stupid mistake. I originally had it the other way, and had switched it after looking at the example, not thinking that the switches were actually white.