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I searched some past posts and mainly found this one:

I like Spanky's summary (who i am guessing is really Brad over at elk?), but am curious exactly what the blonde or brunett would get me. I live in florida and primarily wish to create tasks to set the A/C to 80+ when someone leaves (either as part of arming or by assigning task to F5 as i'm home all day as we likely won't arm when the mrs leaves and call in to bring it back down before she comes home.

Anyway, i digress - point is I assume the HAI can handle such things... If i ever do move to a more sophisticated interface like charmed quirk, i'm assuming i can still query temps, settings etc in the HAI...

Anything this can't do? I really like the idea not having a seperate control box and/or another 120V transformer to wire in.....

thx in advance
I have one (unfortunately I have an older house that was setup as one heating zone) and just ordered another for the central air system.

I think they are fine. The back light looks good and it does everything I have needed. I have mine connected to an Elk and the Elk actually controls the heating at this point.

When I went to replace the stock thermostat that came with the central air system, I gave this some thought about possibly using Aprilaire. I decided against RCS due to the transformer. I went back and looked at the one I had and decided it was a nice looking unit and there was no reason to replace what I had to buy new aprilaire units.

The one thing I think the Aprilaire might get you (and I did not pursue this far enough to verify how this would work with the elk) was the communicating one that can do messages. I thought this was a nice feature, but came to the conclusion that the thermostat might not be the place for this... Now if they were all touch screens...

The only thing that I thought HAI could have done better was the way the face mounts to the backer. It seems sometimes you can snap it into the base and it does not sit right without playing with it. I may of course have a bad unit and will find out when the new one comes.

Hope this helps.
Mike, I have the same problem. Two of my four HAI thermostats do not attach correctly to the mounting bracket. The corners tend to pop up.
I too like these HAI stats but as the others state the quality of the fit and finish isn't what it should be. I also use 2 RCS X10 tstats and have for years. the fit and finish is much more refined.
TheCodeMan said:
Mike, I have the same problem. Two of my four HAI thermostats do not attach correctly to the mounting bracket. The corners tend to pop up.
That is too bad. I just got another one and it has not been mounted but it looked like it was inherent in the design. Then again, I had the opportunity to toss the one I had and double the prices but I chose not to (to go to another solution).
I have been using both the HAI Omni Pro and 6 HAI thermostats for the last 7 years and never had a problems. Just installed a heat pump and have the HAI 100 thermostat to replace the original 80.

I have the system set up to vary the temp by about 8 degrees when the HAI panel is set to AWAY. The direction of the adjustment varies depending upon the season. Up for summer, down for winter.

No problem with the case fit either.