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Hello! I Have had upb installed for years in my kitchen. 5 load switches in a closet and then remotes in three locations. I have two that have gone rogue. One is a two rocker switch for a fan and light that is strictly remote. One is a 5 switch module with a rocker and 4 tabs. One tab is a load switch and all others are remotes. There are two other modules that mimic this, except that the load portion is remote. The two in question either don't work at all, or cross over to each other. In exploring further, I have used upstart and tested the switches. Signal strength excellent and no noise. I even started disconnecting all other switches one at a time to no help. I found the circuit that the switch was on, and unplugged everything to no help. I tried replacing the module with one I know works to no help. Now here's the weird part. Just by accident I tried the switch as I went up to bed.. it worked. More testing and both switches work great from 8pm to 6am. 6am then they quit. I have tried multiple days. What is this?
Could be noise.
Here started to get line noise when the neighbors installed an inground swimming pool and noise appear to sync when the pool pump went on or off.
The pump / pool was about 300 feet or so from my electric ingress.  I added an dual phased amplifier and that worked for me.