HAI ZWave thermostat

I see HAI has a Zwave thermostat in their product guide for 2007. Any ideas on when we might see it?

I'm looking for a thermostat for mControl to control and looking at the new HAI one, the RCS Zwave one, or hardwaring an existing HAI one.
The HAI one looked pretty at CES a few weeks ago. Also, there was another thermostat being shown off that is supposed to retail for less than $100. I'm not sure what the brand is on that one.

I have the RCS TZ-16 Z-Wave thermostat and like it just fine. I went with the TZ-16 because, at the time, only it and the HomePro ZTT000 were available and the ZTT000 is ugly as sin.

The TZ-16 is extremely basic as far as thermostats go. You can't program it at the wall to schedule temp changes, etc. It has to be told when to change from the Z-Wave network (pc or remote) but if that's not a deal breaker for you then it may be suitable for what you need.
The HAI Zwave tstat should be ready pretty soon. I think they are waiting until they get the Zwave interface totally complete. For OmniProII systems, you will need firmware version 2.14 I believe.