hidden sensors for doors

Im wiring up all my window and door contacts. Ive got the 3/8 stubby contacts with rare earth magnets so that I can hide all my sensors. The gap between my front door and the top sill seems to be to large for these sensors to work properly. I cant put them in the jamps because the doors have side lights (windows) attached to the door. Ive noticed that my parents alarm has a ball and plunger type trigger. Is there anything like this available, or anyone have a better solution?
Yes, these are common for doors - and work very well. I have these on all my doors.

Plunger Door Switch

I'm betting Martin (Automated Outlet) carries them too - but the site wasn't working for me to check.
Thanks for letting me know. Yes, we have them in stock but they weren't on the site.

We carry the GE Recessed Roller Plunger Contacts

Thanks for letting me know that they weren't up there. We're starting to get too many items in that category. I'll work on breaking them out into more categories so you can find stuff easier.