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No, my wife isn't pregnant :huh:

Recently, someone asked me what benefits home automation has when it comes to newborns, and I honestly couldn't answer that one right away. Then someone else mentioned it to me, so I figured I would start a thread about how home automation could improve the newborn experience. I didn't post it in the HA forum as I believe that home theaters and security systems could play a role in this too. Time to share your secrets! :)
My youngest was born 18 years ago so all we has was an Atari 800 so there was little in the way of home automation...lol

First thing off the top of m head is a camera pointed at the crib. Have the feed run (modulated?) to the tvs in the house, allowing you to view the feed using PIP or tuning to a certain channel.
When they start to get a bit older (toddler), you could use some DS10A's to alert you when they are trying to get into something they shouldn't .. under the kitchen sink, etc. When they are teenagers.. use em on their windows so they can't sneak out at night :huh:

Another use of HA for a newborn...

A moisture sensor in the huggies :)

Okay...maybe not... but a nanny cam seems to a must nowadays. Having the stream on the web to view at your convenience would be priceless for any overprotective (or paranoid) parent.