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When I switched my KVM over to my HS machine this AM, windows popped up a low free disk space error. It said I only had something like 30MB free, from a 40 Gig drive.

Hadn't really viewed this machine in several weeks, started thinking about what it could be. Thought maybe HS was logging traffic and started looking for the HS log file. (never did find it)

But clicking on the HS temp folder, it was 11.3 Gigs with 123,975 files!!!

Seemed to all be url_temp# starting at 0 up to ? Looking at random files from #0 to up to 10,000 and someting, the were all 95.4KB in size and had a creation date of 10/31/04 starting at 11:25am and seemed to be about 60 - 70 of them per minute!!!! (no wonder I ran low on HD space!)

I renamed the temp folder, created a new temp folder, then deleted the original (and dumped the recycle bin also)

Oops, forgot to look at the file content before deleteing!!

Any idea what caused this, and how to prevent it in the future? ( I know to ask a question like this I should have reported the file contents so you would have some decent info to respond to. I was just so shocked, I deleted without thinking)
HUMMMM... HS Temp folder you say? I looked at my HS dir and didn't see a temp folder there at all. Could it be you are running a script that is storing info there? That would be my guess. Now, we should all beat you 5.25" floppy discs for now drilling into what the files really were! :lol: But if it is a script, then they will show up again.

When they do show up, look at the creation date and time, then refer to your ah.log to see what happened about the same time.
I take it back. There was a temp folder in my HS dir. ONly a couple files in it with next to no size. They appear to be from a script I must have been testing way back. This would convince me even more that your culprit is a script ( or god forbid....a PLUGIN)

Thanks for the reply. I don't really run scripts per se, but have picked up some "free" plugins from the updater.

(and I'll do my penance for not looking at file contents first, but I preferr my beatings with old 8" floppies)

I restarted HS, and I'll keep watch on the temp folder. This time I'll open any files and look at the contents! :lol:
The temp folder is deleted, or is supposed to be deleted with each HS restart. If you leave HS running, these files build up quickly, IF you are using lots of geturl's.

I delete every few days manually, and each time I have a few thousand there.....
SURE....pick a beating device that's almost impossible to acquire! Hell, most of us would be hard pressed to find a 5.25 anymore as well.

If I get just the right wrist action, I might be able to hit you from Philly with a CD though!
(only about 736 miles :lol: )
JB and others,
This temp file stores HTML pages that you are using with either getIEUrl or GetUrl. If your "scraping" pages for data then this is where the data is stored. I wrote a small script that I run every X number of minutes and it keeps this directory nearly clean. The reason I say nearly is sometimes when the script runs one of the temp files is still in use so I will get an error in the HS log about not being able to delete this file. No big deal because the next time it runs it will get that file. It's a very simple file that simply attempts to delete all the files in the directory. You may have to edit the path to your temp file but attached is the script.


  • ClearHomeSeerTempFiles.txt
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Thanks everyone. I'm still a HS newbie!

When I restarted HS, the temp folder had 1486 files in less then 30 min.

This is the file contents:

<meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache">
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0;URL=">


<img height=1 width=1 border=0 src="/RealMedia/ads/">

<img src="" alt="" width=1 height=1 border=0>


It appears to be from the weatherXML plugin that I down loaded from the updater, but never did get around to conffiguring it for my area.

I think I have it disabled now, but if not, I'll sure be asking for your help again.

Thanks everyone.

(I'll supply the 8" floppy) :lol:
Another memory hog is the ah.log file.
Click on "Options . . ." under VIEW.
On the General page, uncheck "Enable Event Logging to File ah.log"
I tend to let everything go to ah.log and delete only once in awhile. You can limit the size the file is allowed to GROW under options. Not sitting in front of HS right now so can't explain zactly how to do it. From what I remember though, it's pretty straightforward; you just input a max file size.