Installing My Own System


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Hi; great web page. Very glad I found it.
Within the next few days I am receiving a parts kit to install my own simple wired home security system which will only have two pet immune motion detectors on it; one upstairs and one downstairs. I have the 22g 4 conductor wires already run for each detector, but I am not familiar with how to hook up the control unit (everything that is soon to arrive) and need some help. What I have coming is this: an Elk power supply; an Elk time delay; a backup battery; a transformer, a cabinet, a piezo buzzer and a 22K 1/4 watt resistor, along with a toggle switch to turn off the piezo buzzer when I want the system disarmed. However, I do not know how to hook all this stuff up. If someone can give me directions, I would be forever grateful.Or to refer me to a webpage that will show me how to do it.
Thanks so much.
Your setup does not have a panel tied to it. Sounds like a buzzer goes off if there is movement and you flip a switch to turn it off.

Most of the time you include a panel to control things. You may want to go here:

and look at the documentation for the ELK-M1EZ8. It will cost a little more but you will see the difference in control and security. A setup like yours will not save you anything on your insurance, but something like the above, if properly monitored by a service might.
Hi howard, welcome to CocoonTech!

Do you have a link to the product you bought (assuming it is a combo)? As Mike mentioned, you don't have an actual alarm panel, so I assume that either means someone is selling some sort of low cost basic alarm kit, using these parts, or you forgot to order the actual alarm panel.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have, plenty of Cocooners have enough experience to be able to help you out.
Hi Guys, and thanks so much for the responses. The system I am getting is indeed a low cost simple system that I requested. All I want is for the detectors to buzz in my bedroom should I experience an intruder (give me time to call 911 and take any other action I may need to), so I do believe I am getting what I need. I do realize it isn't fancy, but I do need help, still, learning how to assemble it.
If anyone has some free time and can tell me how to proceed, I would surely be grateful. I cannot change my order as its already shipped, altho I do appreciate the feedback very very much. Again, thanks so much, and I will check back soon!! Again, I am most grateful for any help.
I have learned since my post that a toggle switch will be used off the piezo buzzer to disarm it when I am walking about my home. I do not have any diagrams, as per Mike's request.
A link to the kit you ordered would definitely help us a lot, or did you order the parts seperately?
Making a LOT of assumptions here, I think you will want something close to hook-up diagram #1 in this pdf for the elk 960 timer. You will add the normally open (NO) contacts from motion detector outputs in series with the switch. The switch is your on/off or bypass control. When open it prevents the 960 from triggering. Since you have two motion detectors, you will wire the normally open contacts in parallel with each other. Substitute your buzzer for the door strike in the diagram.
Well, you guys are great. I printed that Elk Timer pdf and will give it to my friend who is gonna help me next week. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Yes, this was my own package that was developed for me when I told the sales guy what I wanted; so I have no link to any kit as its all individual parts. Not being very technical, I asked a friend with more talent than me to help me, so this pdf file and commentary will be a huge help to the both of us. Thanks so very much to both of you. I am most grateful.
Honestly, the pdf file is beyond my comprehension (I don't see where the backup battery goes, transformer, etc), but I don't think that's important as my friend will surely know. Again, guys, thanks and have a nice weekend. If you have anything to add to this very inexperienced rookie/novice, just let me know here. I will check back often.
The more I can learn from you and pass on to my friend, the less frustrating it will be next Friday when we begin this task. Thanks again. Howard