Insteon LED Colors


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It is nearly impossible to troubleshoot over a forum. I would suggest a call to our tech support as they can walk you through a few things. I notice you said you have 4 switches installed, do you have the SignaLinc RF's installed?

The more devices you add to your home the more it will strengthen your network so if you are putting in 6 more this weekend that can only help.

If you have a motion sensor triggering a switch are you using X10 for this? ;)


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Digger said:

I will have to call them tomorrow and see if they stand behind the product. If they dont then I wont buy anymore and might return the ones I havent installed yet. This is a new product for them and they probably still have some kinks to work out.

It like never buy a car the first year its out.
I've had to swap out a few switches so far and the replacement has always been easy and cheerful. I would be hesitant as well, but they have stood behind this.

I understand the car comment, but in this case if the car breaks, you get a new one, and don't even have to leave the house/office. They have positioned this well in functionality, reliability and very importantly price, I expect to see Insteon grow quickly and be successful. They have been correcting issues and updating the product accordingly.


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I have the RF lincs installed (one is on the other side of the wall from the most problematic switch) and I have motions trip the M1 and then the M1 trip the switch for 2 mins. But the light stays on forever. I just came home and the light was on for the past 10 mins.

I change the time in the M1 to 15 seconds and the switch works sometime and sometimes it doesnt. I trip the motion and leave the room and the light goes out in 15 seconds some times and other times it stays on.

Again there is a Serial Linc on the M1 about 5 feet or so away and the RF Linc on the other side of the wall from the M1.

Being so close in proximity I didnt expect a problem with signal strength. If you remember from my previous posts I was concerned about this but I will add more switches and see if that corrects it.