Insteon programable logic controller.

I'm looking for a low cost programable logic controller that can send and recieve Insteon commands. Ocelot would fit the bill, except it dosn't recieve Insteon.
Elk, Stargate and the like are a bit pricey for my needs, and I currently want to stay away from a 24/7 PC based solution.
Anything else left to look at? or am I just out of luck?!?!

I forgot about the EZ8.

My house currently has a DSC 1500/1550 alarm system that is not used. I suspect I can just swop the board and keypad for the EZ8 and kp1 for similar functionality.
Which bits are needed to get the EZ8 to talk to Insteon?
I'm assuming the M18ez main serial interface, and an Insteon serial powerlinc (2414s) would be all I need?
Does the main serial interface support the m1xep ethernet module, or are there other options to use a PC to talk to the ez8?

You would need the ez8 main serial board to do programming, a serial expander to add the Insteon serial interface. If you wanted to add the web interface, it would connect to the ez8 main serial board.