Interfacing an M1 with HA Software


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One thing that is not clear to me is the way HA software talks to an Elk M1. It looks like most software uses the M1 Ethernet interface instead of a serial connection. Does this imply that more than one system could be communicating with an M1 at the same time? Could I have a PC running ElkRP amd another one running CQC connected to the same M1? How about CQC + PowerHome (when the PowerHome functionality is released)? How about ElkRP + CQC + Homeseer + PowerHome all at once?
ELKRP locks any other connections out. This prevents any other program from changing things and ELKRP not knowing about it. When ELKRP disconnects, upto 30 other connections are then active. This could be multiple sessions of ELKRM and any of the other third party control software at the same time.
Must have been a problem with multiple php pages from different vendors attempting to access the db concurrently...
The DB was moved 4 hours before I was told about it, so when I was finally told, I was forced to shut the old site down, and make this one live. I am not happy about it either (I couldn't move it myself due to issues with the control panel software). I do have a backup of the old site, so if there was a huge post, I can try to grab it, and PM you the content.
Dean, why did you post something to the effect of you weren't sure about multiple apps talking to the M1 concurrently? How is that different than multiple ElkRM apps or multiple TS07 touchscreens talking?