Is 24VAC considered High-voltage or low-voltage?


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Helping a buddy setup his RAIN8. He'd like to put the RAIN8 closer to the PC, but get power from an outlet 15' away. Can he take the 24VAC output of the transformer, run it inside a conduit to where his RAIN8 is? Is that considered a "high-voltage" run or "low-voltage"?
I read in another post that the phone line should measure 60 volts. If this is low voltage, then 24 volts should be low voltage too.
24V is definitely low voltage. I'm not sure where the transition is for regulatory purposes but in some jurisdictions for example, a 25V PA feed is considered low voltage while a 70V line is considered high voltage and has to be treated differently.

Phone lines have a 48VDC talk battery voltage and a 90 VAC or higher ring voltage yet are usually treated as low voltage.

In any case you should be able to extend the 24VAC feed to the Rain8 without the need for conduit. A fuse might be a good precaution though.
Indoors this is considered low voltage and probably a "Class 2" circuit depending on the transformer (if it is inherently limited).

Outdoors and/or wet locations this would be considered a "Class 3" circuit depending on the transformer as well.

I believe that the NEC Table 11 defines this.

The 24 Vac can be treated pretty much the same you would the output of the transformer for an alarm panel to the panel itself.