Issue with new Leviton HCA02 amp/repeater?


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X-10 stopped working for me yesterday, I installed the amp the day before. I checked my T103 interface; it seemed OK. I went to the new amp in the other building and saw it steadily flashing green as if it was in test mode. I didn't see any P1 on & offs in the HS log. I hit the test button twice but it still flashed.
I thought the problem may be a motion sensor flood, so I turned off a couple of them and HS events that hadn't fired played catch-up and X-10 was back. I did NOT go back and check the amp for flashing green.
This morning, no X-10 again.
I killed the 2 motion sensors again to no avail. I went back to the amp. It was still flashing. I power cycled it this time and X-10 came back. There were no catch-ups this time.
All is well again.
Could a motion sensor cause this behavior or could the unit be defective or both? I see no evidence of a motion sensor flood in the HS logs; usually a bunch of M?s, as I recall.
SF,SG. We did have one heck of a T-storm after the initial issh - it was after then that I power-cycled the rptr. Due for more tonite.
Well, no probs. Go figure. Attention now turned to the arrival of my (Woot - hot deals Nokia 770).
Well - this thread is a little hard to follow...

What's SF,SG?

Anywho - search this board or almost any other HA board to find problems w/ the HCA 02 (e?). Cool you got it from Martin - so you are covered.

MAY I suggest - if you MUST have an active repeater try the act line (234 me thinks). Otherwise a passive coupler in the box works well.

I think Martin carries the ACT.

Good luck,

SF,SG = so far, so good :D
Actually, I turned on advanced debugging in HomeSeer. Looks like the repeater is getting locked from a motion sensor after all. Yup, I phoned ahead and AO will cover me, in case.
I have a passive coupler out here in my barn office. I need the repeater which is 200 ft away in the basement of the house.

Now! All I need to disable to suspect motion sensor is to get some long-range wasp and yellow jacket spray. The bloody things are in my woodshed where the sensor hangs, watching a driveway :)
Now that the bugs are gone, I got to the X-10 motion sensor. It was set to look for motion every 1/10 of a minute - 6 secs.
There is a shrub in its view that really moves around when the wind blows. Set the sensor to a longer period. SF,S... um, so far, so good. I'll check the others fro there resampling time.
(Jeeze, Jay :) )
I did not have this issue with my previous repeater which died. I should have considered that some repeaters may have slower response times than others. I've had that sensor at 1/10 per minute for years w/o a prob. My bad.
Thanks for the addt'l abbreviations Ski. Why is 'abbreviation' such a long word? :)