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JRiver Media Center remote control


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I have been playing around with MC11 command line control. Anyone have any ideas on controlling mc11 from a remote pc via the command line?

i have tried sending the commands from a remote pc using both psexec and rcmd, but mc11 just doesn't respond to this.


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Well not quite...

I did however have remote control from a Palmpad through Homeseer which then controlled JRMC. It was nice to be able to control it from the back yard that way. Inside I use my Now Playing project for tough screen control of JRMC for 5 zones.



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Much more than what you are asking, but Cinemar's MusicLobby 3 product interfaces with MC11.1+ And, because this extends a lot of the core functions to our MLServer product, and since MLServer has a command line (and HTTP://) capability, this would provide some / most of what your are asking for (I think).