As in hooking the Elan keypad directly to the Xantech, for the most part no. If you're talking about using an Elan hooked to a computer that is also hooked to the xantech, well yes, if your programming skills are up to it. There generally is not a lot of interconnectivity between manufacturers.
Thanks the reason I'm asking is I just bought a xantech zpr68 and wondering what keypads to buy.Ebay has a lot of elan keypads for sale but not alot of xantech models.
You need to use the SmartPad3 touchpads;

SMARTPAD3 Smartpad3™
SMARTPADLCD Smartpad LCD™ Touchpanel Keypads
SPLCD64V SMARTPAD LCD™ 6.4” Digital Video Touchpanel
SPLCD64G SMARTPAD LCD™ 6.4” Digital Touchpanel
SPLCD39G SMARTPAD LCD™ 3.9” Digital Touchpanel

It's also a heck of a lot easier to program them if you have the Dragon Drop-IR software.
Sorry Jlenhart, I am not trying to be contrary but, I don't agree at all. First, the Elan product can easily handle other manufacturers gear (from DA, HT, lighting, shades and more) and possibly more so than the Xantech. There is both RS232 and IR control available, much better GUI's (whether you chose the Via product or the new Ole) and you can get into the Via for less $. I am not an Elan dealer, and thus have no financial reason to suggest this. I just think the Elan product is a much better deal.
But if you need more flexibility, then go with a PC based solution and an in wall touchscreen that can cross all of the controllable hardware lines with a GUI that makes sense to YOU and your family. (one that you design or have a dealer design with you).
Iwas going to use CQC in the long run.I got a good deal on ebay and wanted to set up a couple of rooms with keypads to get the feel for the system.With the smartpads you have to buy the buttons and the modules.I really wanted a elan s12 system but there prices are outrageous.I just need some keypads that will work.
Sorry Jlenhart, I am not trying to be contrary
I stand corrected. It was late at night and I regurgitated something I'd been told.

Thinking about it now though, as long as the elan keypads are able to send 12 volt IR signals down the line, then they would be compatible. Ditto for the Niles stuff. As long as the brains are in the keypad (as opposed to the Russound stuff where the brains are in the main unit), you would be okay.

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