Lightolier and UPB


I am installing HAI UPB switches in my house, but I have quite a few Lightoleir X-10 type switches I still want to use. Is it possible for the UPB and the Lightoleir to work together?? I am also using an HAI Omni Pro II to help control the switches

I had a UPB/x10 mix with x10 control panels and the SA UPB timer/scheduler for timed events. I am using THIS product as a bridge between the two. I specificly have the "Foard Systems UPB/X10/FGI Bridge Controller" because it could stay attached to the PC and can give you both an x10 log and a UPB log in real time. At the time it was also the only bridge that supported UPB Links.( a must)
There was a pretty big learning curve, but once I got it up and running it works great. X10 signals now control UPB links and the UPB timer, controls x10 scenes.(Using PCS Scenemaster x10 switches). You can mix any combination of switches or links or scenes to any input. It sees x10 and UPB and send out the sequence you create. You will also need a UPB PIM and an x10 interface dedicated to the bridge.

I would think the Omni could send EITHER x10 or UPB commands so you could talk to either, or both simultaneously. PCs just announced the PW513 x10/UPB Bridge and the XPW x10/UPB converter. Both are less expensive then the Foard System device, but you would have to match functionality. The PCS device was created to allow you to use UPB devices on a controller that only supports x10, like a basic alarm panel.
Basically, it is the UPB version of the TW513. So it talks to a hardware interface (liek a security panel), not a PC RS-232 serial port (without a lot of magic). It maps the X-10 addresses to UPB addresses like A1 = UPB 1, A2 = UPB 2, B1 = UPB 17, etc. It is one-way, so it sends UPB only.

I hear a two way PW523 is in the works.
I would be concerned that it doesn't support Links. That was the reason I went with the Foard
The WGL UPB572 is another X10 to UPB bridge, but in this case it is X10 RF to UPB Powerline and is unidirectional. It does support links. It is primarily targeted to fill the void of RF capability with UPB installs. You can think of it as a W800 with a UPB PIM interface rather than a PC interface.